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Hockey Manitoba works hard to keep hockey fees at a minimum, yet we know the cost of playing hockey can be high for many families because of ice time, equipment and related costs. In our partnership with Funding Change our aim with the Online Progressive Jackpot Raffle is to help teams fundraise easily, effectively and legally! Running a province-wide jackpot provides large pot sizes that are an enticing draw when asking friends and family members for support.

The online aspect of it makes it simple! With the proliferation of smartphones – buying a raffle ticket is simple as is sharing the URL with others by texting them, emailing or over social media with a personal message asking for them to purchase in support of the team! That’s pretty easy fundraising if you ask us.

Another important aspect is that every raffle that is conducted by hockey teams in Manitoba are to be licensed (by the Liquor & Gaming Authority of Manitoba or a municipality). Obtaining licenses for raffles can be time consuming and tough, so we do the hard work for you. We’re providing an effective raffle solution to help teams fundraise and are hoping to eliminate unlicensed raffles while allowing teams to raise funds easier and faster.