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Hockey Manitoba Jackpot


Hockey Manitoba has partnered with local Manitoba company, Funding Change to make fundraising easier than ever, with the fourth year of our Online Progressive Jackpot Raffle fundraising program.

Why It’s Simple To Raise Money

Selling digital raffle tickets is as simple as sharing a link with friends and family by text, emailing them or posting it on your social media channels, and asking people to purchase.

This year, Funding Change is providing every registered hockey family (a “family” is considered any unique email address associated with one or multiple children) a unique link that looks like this:

How the Raffle & Program Work

Every month proceeds from ticket sales are split. 40% goes toward cash prizes and 60% to the fundraising program

Cash prizes (40%) are awarded to winners of the monthly mini-pot and grand prize jackpot draws. The 40% is split evenly, with half of the cash going to the monthly mini-pot and half to the grand prize jackpot which grows bigger every month! That’s the progressive part!

Fundraising proceeds (60%) are split with 40% going back to participating families for their ticket sales and 20% going to Hockey Manitoba for programs and fees.

Every month two pairs of Jets tickets will be raffled off as well, drawn for those purchasing raffle tickets during that month based on the dates below.

Event Ticket Sales Open Closing Date of Sales Draw Date (Noon)
Winnipeg Jets vs. St. Louis Blues
December 27, 2019
TBD December 5, 2019 December 6, 2019
Winnipeg Jets vs. Toronto Maples Leafs
January 2, 2020
TBD December 12, 2019 December 13, 2019
PROGRESSIVE 1 TBD December 19, 2019 December 20, 2019
Winnipeg Jets vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
January 17, 2020
December 20, 2019 January 2, 2020 January 3, 2020
Winnipeg Jets vs. New York Rangers February 11, 2020 December 20, 2019 January 9, 2020 January 10, 2020
PROGRESSIVE 2 December 20, 2019 January 16, 2020 January 17, 2020
Winnipeg Jets vs. Los Angeles Kings
February 18, 2020
January 17, 2020 January 30, 2020 January 31, 2020
Winnipeg Jets vs. Buffalo Sabres
March 3, 2020
January 17, 2020 February 6, 2020 February 7, 2020
PROGRESSIVE 3 January 17, 2020 February 13, 2020 February 14, 2020
Winnipeg Jets vs. Arizona Coyotes
March 9, 2020
February 14, 2020 February 26, 2020 February 27, 2020
Winnipeg Jets vs. Florida Panthers
March 17, 2020
February 14, 2020 March 8, 2020 March 9, 2020
FINAL DRAW November 4, 2020 March 15, 2020 March 16, 2020

Tickets can be sold to anyone in Manitoba and with chances to win cash and Jets tickets EVERY month, you can keep fundraising all season long! If every hockey family in the province takes part in this fundraiser, the Grand Prize Jackpot will be HUGE!

Program Details

Funding Change will send email updates on total sales for your family throughout the program as well as a link to a site to check your progress so you can see how much you’ve raised. Limited quantities of tickets are available. Tickets are available to be purchased for 1 for $5.00 / 3 for $10.00 / 15 for $20.00 / 50 for $50.00.

Hockey Manitoba will transfer funds to your team to be passed on to participating families within 30 days of the raffle ending.

We are encouraging every family to get involved, to use their link to buy tickets for themselves, just to see how easy it is, then share it others.

For questions relating to the fundraising proceeds or supported programs contact Hockey Manitoba at

For questions about the raffle or your link email Funding Change at