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Rink Divider & Mini Mite Net Promotion

Athletica-logo-tagIn an effort to assist Minor Hockey Associations interested in purchasing rink dividers and/or mini mite nets to facilitate Initiation modified cross-ice sessions, Hockey Manitoba is pleased to announce a partnership with Athletica Sport Systems.  Note: For Associations that cannot afford to purchase equipment, cross-ice games may be implemented using standard arena equipment and additional on-ice support.  Equipment purchase is not mandatory, and solely at the discretion of each Association.

Border Patrol Rink Divider Set (Click here for sample picture)

  • Eight (8) dividers, each 12″ x 8″ x 127.5″, 85′ in total (box style, UV outdoor vinyl)
  • Includes two (2) ad windows (10″ x 110″) for MHA or sponsors logos  – one ad window on two (2) separate dividers
  • Includes four (4) Hockey Manitoba logos – one on four (4) separate dividers

Regular Price                      $1,445 CDN plus tax and shipping

Promotional Price            $1,300 CDN plus tax and shipping*

* Based on minimum 5 orders within region

Mini Mite Net (Click here for sample picture)

  • 36″ by 24″ size goal inc. top shelf, diagonal support bar and skirting
  •  100% galvanized steel goal frame, post & crossbar 1-3/8″ steel, .065 wall thickness

Regular Price                      $200 CDN plus taxes

Promotional Price            $170 CDN plus taxes

Order & Shipping Information

Please note that individual shipping of the above items can be very costly, therefore Hockey Manitoba has established a process whereby each region facilitates one order for all interested Associations.  A central location for delivery within your region and a pick-up time will be identified by your regional contact.  Payment options for each Association will also be outlined by your regional contact.

As an example of savings you can achieve with this partnership, shipping costs for one Border Patrol Rink Divider set can be approx. $400-500, however shipping costs for 10 sets of dividers would be approx. $2,500 – resulting in a savings of up to 50% or $250.  Or, if your Association ordered two (2) sets of dividers and six (6) mini mite nets, you could save over $750!!!

Next Step

If your Association is interested in purchasing this equipment, please connect with your respective regional contact below by Wednesday August 12, 2015.  Delivery date of the equipment is to be determined, however it is expected to be no later than Tuesday September 15, 2015.

Regional Contacts

Parkland                              Nathan Fleck                    204-638-3730

Interlake                             Darren Bond                                                              204-886-3804

Pembina Valley               Ken Froese                                                   204-745-8554

Westman South              Rob Thompson                                            204-523-6400

Yellowhead                        Roz Madess                                 204-365-0808

Norman                               Mike Kohli                                                            204-676-2031

Central Plains                  John Ferg                                                            204-856-6688

Brandon                              Sharon Lilley                                                      204-573-5737

Winnipeg                            Guy Jeanson                                         204-981-6650

Eastman                              Angela Janz                                                    204-346-4525