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Maltreatment & Discrimination and Independent Third Party (ITP)

Hockey Canada and its Members want to end the culture of silence that exists in parts of hockey. To help ensure that we are a safe space for raising concerns, Hockey Canada has updated the Maltreatment and Discrimination regulations as well as developed an Independent Third Party (ITP) reporting mechanism to process certain complaints.

In the information below, you will find clarification pertaining to the situations that fall under the Maltreatment and Discrimination regulations, and situations that should be reported through the ITP process.

In furthering its commitment to being leaders in safety and inclusivity, Hockey Canada has introduced an update to its rulebook to focus on recognizing and reporting incidents of maltreatment. Hockey Canada has made a firm commitment to making the game safe and inclusive for all who wish to participate. Please find below the Understanding Rule 11 video created by Hockey Canada.

For more information you can contact one of the following Hockey Manitoba representatives for Maltreatment and Discrimination:

Peter Woods, Executive Director

Ken Gladden, Chair of Appeals Committee

Ashley Fergusson, Manager, Membership Services