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Development 1

Development 1 is a requirement for any Head Coaches that are coaching Junior B, Senior AAA and the Manitoba Games. Development 1 is also required for any Assistant Coaches that are coaching Under-15 AAA (Formerly Bantam AAA), Female Under-15 AAA/AA (Formerly Bantam AAA/AA), Under-18 AAA (Formerly Midget AAA), Sports Schools, Junior A and Team Manitoba (POE). If you are not Head Coaching one of these age categories please consult the Coach Requirements page to find the appropriate level of training for your age category.

The main focus of this training program is to educate coaches on communication, team building, technical skills, athletic abilities, individual skills and tactics, team tactics, drill design, progressions, practice planning, seasonal planning, goaltending and safety. In addition, the Development 1 clinic will also include training on Making Ethical Decisions (MED). Coaches must successfully complete the MED online evaluation to become certified with the Coaching Association of Canada.

ALL registration for coaching clinics is done through the eHockey registration portal. In order to register for a clinic you must create an account on eHockey and then create a participant profile. Your participant profile MUST be created under your name and birth date, NOT under the name and birth date of your child.


Development 1 is a 3-step process consisting of an online course, an in-person clinic and an online evaluation. All components MUST be completed by December 1st of the current hockey season. Below the detailed steps to assist you in registration:

Step 1: Respect in Sport - Coaches and Activity Leaders
  • If you have already completed the Respect in Sport - Coaches and Activity leaders course within the past 5 years you can bypass this step.
  • If you have never completed the in Respect in Sport - Coaches and Activity leaders course or completed it during the 2014-15 season or prior please follow the steps below:
    • Access the Respect in Sport database by clicking HERE
    • If you have an existing profile log-in using your email and password. If you are new to RIS create a new account.
    • Please ensure when creating a new account that your birth date and name match what is listed on your eHockey participate profile.
    • Once you have logged in or created a new account ensure that you select HOCKEY and your MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION as your associated groups to ensure that it links to your eHockey profile.
    • You can now go through and complete the online course.
  • Please ensure that once you have completed the online course you also complete the survey at the end as it will not list your course as completed until the survey is done.
Step 2: Development 1 (in-person clinic)
  • Go to the eHockey registration site by clicking HERE.
  • Log into your eHockey account.
  • Select the "Sign up for a clinic" option on the upper right hand toolbar
  • On the participant selection page select your profile.
  • On the clinic selection page go to the TYPE dropdown menu listed under "Search Clinics" and select Development 1.
  • All available Development 1 clinics should now be listed under the "Results" section at the bottom of the page. Click the blue link that says "Signup" on your desired clinic.
  • On the "Selected Clinic" page it will list all pertinent details about the course including date, time and location. Continue scrolling down and select the level of hockey that you are coaching under the "Selections" dropdown menu and click "Next"
  • On the "Review Clinic Signup" page check that all information is correct and then click "Checkout" to continue to the online payment section. DO NOT ADD TO CART.
  • Once you have finished submitting payment, return to eHockey and select your participant profile.
  • You are now registered for your in-person Development 1 clinic. The in-person clinic is two full days. Each day consists of 6-7 hours in the classroom and one hour on ice. Please ensure that you bring your skates, helmet, gloves and stick to the clinic.
Step 3: On-line Evaluation - Making Ethical Decisions (MED)
  • This assessment must be completed through the NCCP Locker database which you can access by clicking HERE.
  • If you have any issues logging into the NCCP Locker database please contact tech support for the NCCP by emailing
  • Once you have logged in you will select “eLearning” at the top of the page.
  • On the next page please ensure that the dropdown menus located in the top left corner are on “Multi-Sport” and “Coach & Coach Developer”.
  • Under “Available” on the left hand side of the page you should see “Making Ethical Decisions (MED) Online Evaluation”. Select that for the next step.
  • There will now be instructions on the page directing you to select the stage of athletes you are working with. Select one of the options on the right hand side of the page to proceed to the next step.
  • Now there should be a button available at the bottom right hand side of the page labeled “Begin”. Select that button to begin the online evaluation.
  • Coaches that attended the Development 1 clinic should not have to pay for these courses as you have already completed the training through the clinic. If the database attempts to charge you for any of these courses please contact and they will remedy this issue.
  • You can now attempt the online evaluation. You will be granted unlimited attempts to pass the evaluation since you completed the MED training as part of the Development 1 clinic.

The MED online evaluation must be completed by January 1 of the current season.

Step 4: Field Evaluation
  • This step is only required for Head Coaches that are coaching Junior B, Senior AAA and Manitoba Games. Assistant Coaches that are coaching Bantam AAA, Female Bantam AAA/AA, Midget AAA, Sports Schools, Junior A and Team Manitoba (POE).
  • Please note that the Field Evaluations are an additional $75.00+GST
  • Coaches that are looking to schedule their field evaluation must contact for further information.