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Minor Hockey Associations

This page was created by Hockey Manitoba to provide important information and assistance within the registration process. This page will continue to be updated with new information upon changes.

Online Registration

It is mandatory that all minor hockey registration within Hockey Manitoba is done online through the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR). Access is granted to each MHA on a yearly basis and must be renewed at the beginning of each season. In order to do so you must first complete the three forms listed below under “Hockey Canada Registry”. Once these have been completed (and all outstanding balances have been cleared) access to the HCR will be granted.

Once access to the HCR has been granted it is very important to consult the Association Resources Manual. This has been established by Hockey Manitoba to assist Association Registrars with specific issues relating to branch registration and certification policies. This manual outlines the responsibilities of the MHA and Association Registrar as required by Hockey Manitoba. This also includes information about the use of the Hockey Canada Support Portal which will be your greatest resource tool when using the HCR.

The vast majority of Minor Hockey Associations have enabled their online registration, if your MHA has yet to do so please contact Ashley Fergusson at the Hockey Manitoba office. Each season the information specific to your MHA for the current season must be updated  prior to opening registration to your members. For information on how this is done please visit the Hockey Canada Support Portal.

Hockey Canada Registry

2021 - 2022 MHA Contact Information Form

A listing of your MHA Executive Committee with contact information. This information is required by Hockey Manitoba each year to ensure ongoing communication with key association representatives. This must be completed at the beginning of the season and at any time there is a change to your Executive Committee.

2021 - 2022 MHA Confidentiality Agreement

The Confidentiality Agreement form must be completed by each specific individual requiring access to the HCR system from your MHA. This can only be done once the MHA President has completed the previous form. Under no circumstances may this agreement be completed or submitted by anyone, or on behalf of anyone, other than the individual named in the agreement.

Note: DO NOT fill this form out for anyone other than yourself, this is a Privacy Agreement.

2021 - 2022 MHA Membership Agreement and President's Approval

The MHA Membership Agreement and Request for Access Form must be completed and submitted by the MHA President. The HCR Access Form must have each individual's name listed on the form who is requesting access the HCR system on behalf of your MHA. Individual HCR Access will not be granted without the submission of the Membership Agreement and Request for HCR Access Form.

Note: DO NOT fill this form out if you are not the President of your MHA, only the President can fill this form out.

IMPORTANT: Access to the HCR cannot be granted until each of the above forms have been completed by the appropriate designate.

Online Forms Administration

The following Hockey Manitoba Forms and User Manual links relate to using online forms for player transfers, overage applications, over 19/under 10 roster requests and travel permits.

Respect in Sport for Parents

The Respect in Sport for Parents is an effective and informative online training program for parents of active children. This unique certification program compliments Respect in Sport for Coaches/Activity Leaders by reinforcing a parents role in a child or youth’s activities, encouraging positive sport behaviors, and providing insight into the various roles other individuals (such as coaches and officials) play. This program empowers parents to ensure the safety of their children, encourage positive and effective communication, and to enhance a child’s fun and camaraderie of the activity.

For more information on our RIS for Parents program you can click HERE to be redirected to the Respect in Sport for Parents section on our website.

Important Links for Minor Hockey Associations

Members having difficulty with registration should contact their local Minor Hockey Association and Associations should direct any Branch specific inquiries to Ashley Fergusson.