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Training & Clinics

Hockey Manitoba offers both in-person and online certification clinics. All coaches registering for a clinic must complete the Respect in Sport – Activity Leaders course. Please note that beginning in 2017-2018 Hockey Manitoba no longer accepts the Speak Out course for coaches. Respect in Sport is only valid for five (5) years therefore any coach that completed their Respect in Sport prior to the 2016-2017 season will be required to re-certify with Respect in Sport.

Coaches that require Coach 1 – Intro to Coach or Coach 2 – Coach Level for the category they are coaching only need “TRAINED” status. Coaches that require Development 1 or High Performance 1 must earn “CERTIFIED” status.

High Performance 1 coaches earn “CERTIFIED” status by attending the multi-day HP1 seminar and receiving a passing grade on their written assignment and field evaluations. Development 1 coaches can earn “CERTIFIED” status by attending the two day training course as well as receiving a passing grade on their Making Ethical Decisions course and field evaluations.

Please ensure that you are aware of the proper training that qualifies you to coach at your level of hockey. A complete list of Coaching Requirements can be found HERE that will help determine the training you need.