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Concussion Awareness

Concussions can occur while participating in any sport or recreational activity. Since the circumstances under which a concussion can be sustained are so varied, it’s important for all coaches, parents, and athletes to be aware of the signs, symptoms, and what to do if a concussion occurs.  Hockey Manitoba is committed to increased education, awareness, and protocols that will help members gain the knowledge and skills required to ensure the safety of our athletes. Together we can ensure a safe sport environment.

4-Step Procedure

Step 1: Concussion Recognition

“Recognize & Remove”. Head impacts can be associated with serious and potentially fatal brain injuries. The Concussion Recognition Tool is to be used for the identification of suspected concussion. It is not designed to diagnose concussion.

Step 2: Medical Assessment

This document can be used by an athlete’s Physician or Nurse Practitioner as the official Medical Assessment Tool.

Step 3: Medical Clearance

Athletes who are diagnosed with a concussion should be managed according to the Canadian Guideline on Concussion in Sport including the Return-to-School and Return-to-Sport Strategies. No athlete that has been diagnosed and is being treated for a concussion can be “returned to play” without presenting the Medical Clearance Letter.

Step 4: Return to Play

A Concussion is a serious event, but you can recover fully from such an injury if the brain is given enough time to rest and recuperate. Returning to normal activities, including sport participation, is a step-wise process that requires patience, attention, and caution.  Hockey Canada has created a special Concussion Card with the Return to Play Protocol included.

Book a Concussion Workshop

Sport Manitoba and the Sport Medicine and Science Council of MB have partnered to offer concussion workshops to educate athletes, coaches, parents, and all members of the sports community on concussion recognition. These courses are aligned with the standardized sport-specific concussion protocols approved by Sport Manitoba and Manitoba’s Provincial Sport Organizations. The course will address many questions on what a concussion is, how to spot the signs and symptoms, what to do, how to prevent future concussions, and the proper steps to return to the field of play.