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Insurance Program

All members that are properly registered with Hockey Manitoba are covered by the Hockey Canada Insurance program. This plan is designed to provide coverage for those who might otherwise not be covered by any other group health insurance plan. It can also serve as a supplement to other similar coverage an individual or family may hold, to achieve maximum allowable coverage. It is not applicable as an addition when another plan’s coverage meets or exceeds the allowable amount. If you have primary insurance you must make a claim to them first. If you have maximized those benefits you need to send in documentation to Hockey Manitoba verify this. You can then claim any additional expense through Hockey Canada.

This program augments Provincial, Medical and Hospital plans while covering players, coaches, referees and other designated volunteers against accidents that occur during participation in a Hockey Canada/Branch sanctioned activity.

It is the responsibility of the injured person (or parent if under the age of 18) to submit the report. If there are any issues or further information this is who will be contacted.

Further information on coverage, policy limits and additional features of the Insurance Program can be found in the “Safety Requires Teamwork & Safety for all” document.

Special Events

There are opportunities for Minor Hockey Associations/Junior teams to host events that require additional sanctioning which are considered “Special Events”. A “Special Event” would be defined as any situation in which individuals that are not members of your MHA/approved roster are participating in an event with your MHA/team. This does not include players that are affiliated. If an individual that is not a member of your team participates in any sanctioned activities, it could comprise the sanction of the event and the insurance of every participant, so we use these Special Event Requests to track whom is participating when they are not listed on the roster for the program they are participating with.