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New to Hockey

Why play hockey?

Fun – The main reason to play hockey is to have fun! Especially at ages 5 – 8, hockey programs focus on the FUNdamentals and overall skill development. At the U7 and U9 level, fun is a core pillar of the programs, and it should be a main focus at all levels.

Health – Hockey is a tremendous activity for both your physical and mental health. The sport is a great avenue for maintaining fitness and satisfying the exercise needs of young athletes of all skill levels. Hockey can be a life-long physical activity that promotes steady exercise and a healthy lifestyle for everyone!

Community – Hockey is a great way to make new friends and meet new people, The social aspect of the sport makes it easy for players to create new connections. Many participants choose hockey because of its connections to their communities and how it helps shape identities. People feel connected to the game of hockey in special ways, and for some a deep sense of place is felt in hockey rinks and their environments.

Competition – Whether it is competing against others or challenging yourself to be the best you can be, competition is an important factor for hockey participation.  Young athletes share stories of how hockey helped them blossom as a person and build confidence, learn the values of sportsmanship, and become leaders in their communities. Healthy competition inspires people to do their best!

Skill Development – Participants not only learn skating and puck-handling skills, but they acquire skills that can be transferred to other sports like soccer, baseball, and martial arts. By progressing through the different development stages in hockey and acquiring advanced skills, players achieve personal goals and express a desire to remain in hockey long-term.

Psychological Benefits – In addition to hockey’s obvious physical benefits, there are many positive psychological benefits such as improved decision making, concentration and the personal confidence that comes from accomplishing team goals. Hockey requires constant physical and verbal communication and teamwork on the ice which are skills that can be transferred to everyday life.


Are you interested in playing hockey or registering your loved one for hockey but don’t know where to begin? We are here for you! 

Hockey Manitoba regulations require you to register with the closest Minor Hockey Association to your home. This would be determined by the arena that is the shortest driving distance to your home via all-weather roads.

Each Minor Hockey Association is responsible for their own registration, programming, and fees so you would have to contact them directly to get more information as to what they will be offering for the season, the signup dates, and the cost.

All Minor Hockey Associations are required to accept registrations until January 10th.  Our season runs from September 1stApril 30th and in general registration does not begin until late summer/early fall.

If you are in rural Manitoba, you can visit our website at the link below for Minor Hockey Association contact information. If you are in Winnipeg, you can contact their office at 204-784-5454 and they will direct you to the correct MHA.

Minor Hockey Association Directory


Hockey Divisions – Minor Hockey

Minor hockey describes amateur hockey played by athletes under the age of 18. Players are generally divided into playing levels according to age.

Division Age Range
Under – 7 (U7) 6 and under
Under – 9 (U9) 7 – 8
Under – 11 (U11) 9 – 10
Under – 13 (U13) 11 – 12
Under – 15 (U15) 13 – 14
Under – 18 (U18) 15 – 17


How To Get Started

There are various ways to get involved in hockey for the first time before you formally register with a Minor Hockey Association.

For additional information about enrolling in a minor hockey program, please contact your local Minor Hockey Association (MHA).

If you are in rural Manitoba, you can visit our website at the link below for Minor Hockey Association contact information. If you are in Winnipeg, you can contact their office at 204-784-5454 and they will direct you to the correct MHA.

Minor Hockey Association Directory


Listed below are large-scale grassroots initiatives that Hockey Manitoba currently operates or helps support.

Here, we focus primarily on Under-7, Under-9, and Under-11 development and community engagement. These programs are meaningful and fun, and we hope to create inclusive learning spaces that ultimately fosters a desire to play and stay in the game of hockey.

Reach out to your Region or Minor Hockey Association for more programming opportunities.


Hockey Canada Skill Academies

Hockey Canada Skill Academies (HCSA) currently operate in 17 schools in Manitoba.

The primary objective of the HCSA program is to enhance the educational experience of each student by integrating hockey into their school day.

HCSA programs enhance the confidence, self-esteem, and opportunities for students in both academics and athletics beyond the primary, intermediate, and secondary school system, while making efficient use of arena facilities during school-day hours.

The intention of the HCSA program is not to develop future professional or international-calibre athletes, but rather to deliver individual technical skill development to students currently playing hockey during the school day while also offering the chance for all students to try the game at in an accessible school setting.

Click here for more information about Hockey Canada Skills Academies.


Hockey Canada/Hockey Manitoba/ Minor Hockey Associations

Hockey Canada oversees all major decisions for the game in our country. They are responsible for crucial decisions regarding age groupings, divisions, and general procedures. Hockey Canada is divided into 13 branches across the country.

Hockey Manitoba is the official governing body for the sport in our province. Hockey Manitoba is responsible for the administration of Hockey Canada programming as well as the administration of coaching, officiating, and development programs throughout the province. Hockey Manitoba is divided into 10 regions, containing approximately 100 Minor Hockey Associations.

Minor Hockey Associations oversee all minor hockey within the established boundary. MHAs are responsible for registering players, creating teams, seeking, and hiring coaching.


Financial Assistance

Click here to view a list of organizations who may be able to provide financial assistance for those who are in need.