Welcome to the 2018-19 season!  Official’s Clinics will be available to view on August 18th with registration for clinics beginning on September 1st (excluding IV-VI). All Manitoba clinics will be posted on the eHockey registration site and be open to the general public.

Officials Annual Membership Fee (GST not included)
New Level I Official – Includes HM & HC crests $99.00
Returning Level I Official $85.00
Level II Official $99.00
Level III Official $125.00
Level IV Official $151.00
Level V Official $156.00
Level VI Official $161.00

*A $25 Transfer Fee will be charged for individuals requiring their registrations to be moved to an alternate clinic.  Please ensure your availability prior to registering.

*Hockey Canada Insurance and HC Casebook/Rulebook are included in the On-Ice Official Membership Fee. Hockey Manitoba and Hockey Canada crests will now be sold in sets ($12.00).  Please note returning officials requiring a crest set are required to add them to your annual membership fee.

*All Level III officials will now complete the national exam online.  Access to the online course will be provided upon registration.  Please reference Hockey Manitoba Bulletin 16-13  for additional certification information.