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Parkland Volunteer Recognition Award

Dave Bayduza

PMHA has selected a well deserving recipient in Dave Bayduza as our nominee for Hockey Manitoba’s Volunteer Award.

Volunteer-BayduzaDave has been involved in hockey in a volunteer capacity for 25 years, all the while wearing multiple hats at any one time.  This includes 20 years as a Coach at various levels, including local hockey teams and various regional teams/ programs.  Over much of this period, he served on his local Winnipegosis Hockey Association; 15 years of which he served as the President of the local association.

From a Parkland Region perspective, Dave served on the Parkland Board for 20 years; 5 as a Vice Director and 9 as the Region’s President for a total of 14 years as the regional representative to Hockey Manitoba.

Dave is a terrific ambassador of our region and of hockey in general. He embodies the spirit and commitment synonymous with the notion of a HOCKEY VOLUNTEER the Parkland Region is proud to recognize Mr. Dave Bayduza with Hockey Manitoba’s Volunteer Award.