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by Hockey Manitoba  |  September 7, 2006 12:12 pm

The following Information Bulletin was received from Hockey Canada on the 2006-07 New Standard of Play – Additional Clarification

Hockey Canada has adopted a New Standard of Play which will penalize restraining fouls such as Hooking, Holding, Interference and Tripping as well as Stick Fouls such as Slashing, and Crosschecking.

The new standard of play may see an increase of embellishment or ‘diving’ by players trying to draw a penalty. Hockey Canada does not have a ‘diving’ penalty but has approved the use of Rule 47 Unsportsmanlike Conduct for ‘diving’ and/or embellishment.

A Minor Penalty for Unsportsmanlike Conduct shall be imposed on a player who attempts to draw a penalty by his/her actions (diving). This penalty may be assessed with or without a foul to the opposing team at the discretion of the Referee.

The Unsportsmanlike Conduct signal will be used for this infraction and the penalty shall recorded as Unsportsmanlike conduct and announced as: `unsportsmanlike conduct – diving’.

In a situation where a player is fouled and in an attempt to ensure a penalty will be called, embellishes his fall then a penalty for the initial foul would still be assessed BUT a Minor penalty for Unsportsmanlike Conduct shall also be assessed.

A concerted effort must be exercised in an attempt to demonstrate that the attempt to draw a penalty will be penalized. This penalty should only be used when the action is clearly seen as a diving or embellishment action.

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