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by Hockey Manitoba  |  December 16, 2005 12:12 pm

Call for bid applications for the 2005-2006 season to host the Esso Fun Day Program between January 16 and March 30, 2006.

Each Branch is eligible to receive a grant to assist with the delivery and cost of the Esso Fun Day Program throughout the season. Note: Hockey Canada encourages Branches to host multiple clinics. A maximum grant amount for the season will be allocated to each Branch, when event wrap up information and receipts are received by Hockey Canada. (Forms are located in the Esso Fun Day Operations Manual)

Hockey Canada Responsibilities

· Based on the number of Esso Fun Days held, a maximum grant of $1200.00 will be provided to the Branch once Hockey Canada receives the event wrap up information and final receipts from the events. Subsidy provided by Hockey Canada is to cover ice and facility costs only

· Program materials

· Operations manual

· Jerseys (seasonal allotment of up to a maximum of 100) – Additional jerseys can be purchased through Hockey Canada, and would require a minimum of six (6) weeks for delivery ($18.00 per jersey – shipping included.)

· Certificates and tattoos for each participant

· Event posters

· Application tools

· Host site application brochure

· Participant registration brochure

· Sponsor and Hockey Canada approved advertising templates

· Print media

BRANCH Responsibilities

· Target host site(s) for event(s).

· Distribute host application brochures.


Action Bulletin

· Determine grant funding to be allocated to each Branch approved site.

· Ensure Hockey Canada has received a Branch approved copy of the Esso Fun Day application(s) prior to January 9, 2006 for Esso Fun Days being held between January 16-March 30, 2006.

· Event wrap up for each site is due one (1) month post event. (All forms and required information can be found in the Operations Manual)

· Contact Hockey Canada and arrange for material to be forwarded to approved host site(s)

· Operations manual (for each event organizer)

· Event posters & promotional video

· Participant registration brochure(s)

· Jerseys ( up to a maximum of 100 per season)

· Certificates (for each participant)

· Temporary tattoos (for each participant)

· Work with the event organizer and Hockey Canada, to ensure consistent program delivery

HOST Responsibilities

· Forward hosting application to Branch office for approval.

· Follow up with the Branch regarding approval and grant funding amount.

· Appoint a community lead (event organizer).

· Ensure all available program materials are received.

· Ensure event wrap up is completed and submitted to the Branch along with receipts.

· Ensure consistent program delivery using sponsor approved advertising and promotional material
All Branch approved application(s) for Esso Fun Days to be held between January 16 and March 30, 2006 are to be received by Hockey Canada, Calgary office, Attention: Trina Radcliffe no later than January 9, 2006.

A fourth action bulletin will be sent in March, 2006 to call for bids for applications to host an Esso Fun Day from April 1 – August 31, 2006.

If you have any questions please contact Trina Radcliffe, Coordinator, Female Hockey, at
(403) 777-3601 or by e-mail at

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Nov 2, 2005