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The Role of Competition in Developing Athletes (LTAD)

by Hockey Manitoba  |  June 24, 2010 2:10 pm

Many of our competition systems were developed over time without considering the sport science of athlete development. Now, many competition schedules are considered part of the tradition – they are habitual, but are they helping or hindering our athletes’ development? Could a different competition schedule improve athletes’ performances?

The Role of Competition in Developing Athletes (LTAD)

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The Sports Psych Association of Manitoba has developed three modules to assist athletes and coaches interested in strengthening their psychological skills in sport. Two modules are designed specifically for athletes, and one is designed for coaches.

The information found in the modules is meant for consultants and the athletes they work with and were in no way designed to serve as a stand-alone guide to be used on their own. We hope that by completing the books you will have a stronger understanding of what sports psych is all about and have a strong base that you and your consultant can build upon.

The Coach Module draws attention to a neglected area. The best coaches take time to work on their psychological well being to make sure they are in a state that allows them to coach at their optimal level. Want to learn more? Check out the Sport Medicine and Science Council website.

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